Friday, October 21, 2005

Just about about last year,I sign up at one of the payment proceesor, the Stormpay because its free..From now on i almost forgot.

About last week, i check again.They have new rogram the StormClix.Im curios about it and i try clicking on the ads,to my surprise,they are really creditd tomy stormpays account! Now,im addicted to it..
heres the link below,

Its cool and it really works.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why Clickerz online...

Everyday we used internet and internet will never be gone..It will stays to the rest of our life.Internet will be part of our ife forever.

I choose clickerz because everyone on the internet Clicks! and we are all clickerz.A click is very important to activate a command on our browser.To some clicks its just simple and they never mind or give a value,to some its a source of income!

A click is a money on the internet,its the standard penny any website owner understand.Some people spend real cash just for clicks to their website.A click,generates traffic,and traffic generates customers,and customer generate sales!

The more traffic you have,the more chances to increased sales.In this networked world,the whole world can be your customer and we know that "The world Clicks!"

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