Sunday, January 18, 2009

cLiCkerZOnLiNe Revival!

It is really indeed a reViVaL! This blog is already forgotten! For almost three (3) years I never posted!

One day, while I was surfing on the net and reading some ads on one of the internet's bussiest site, I met a friend/mentor.We discussed about internet's money making potential and many more.During our discussion ,we came across about the google adsense. As we talk briefly also touching the topics regarding blogs. Since i am signed in on my google account,i click the blogger icon and thats it! I was excited and amazed that 3 years ago I have already my blogs. Wow... And my first post was march of 2005.

Since I considered myself an internet addict before (lolz) I joined many sites and is one of them. Due to lack of motivation,and passion I just only jumping from one site to another.

Now, I have to study my lessons on internet and apply its potential and maximize its uses.

For my friend, thank you for some useful advice!


1 comment:

  1. thank you for visiting my blog! Keep it up,Im glad kasi after 4 years ay nagbalik loob ka blog! (kala mo kung ano nue?) pero I'm one of your followers now, i hope kaw din magfollow sa blog ko. :) keep it up! Godbless!


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